Minecraft crochet PIG

I decided I wanted to make a minecraft pig (mostly because minecraft is awesome). Anyway I went in hunt of some wool that was appropriately pink while also being multi-coloured. I ended up going to ‘knit world’ where I found what I wanted and took it to the counter. The lady was like ‘ooo are you going to make little pink booties?’ To which I replied ‘no, I need multi-coloured pink wool to make a pig.’ Her response: ‘oh, a pig, of course, what else would you use pink wool for?’ (That writes out as sarcastic however she said it with the honesty and enthusiasm you would expect from the friendly old lady at a wool shop).

Anyway, it took a very long time to knit (could largely be due to the fact that I’ve only used crochet once before) but I’m happy with the finished product. I didn’t realise it would take sooo long or use so much wool.

Minecraft crochet pig

Minecraft crochet pig, front

Minecraft crochet pig, tail

If you are interested in a pattern I could write out how I did it but I wouldn’t guarantee it would be correct. I haven’t had enough experience at this sort of thing.

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8 Responses to Minecraft crochet PIG

  1. Jeremy says:

    That’s really creative!

  2. Centini says:

    Nice pig! Your Minecraft crochet looks awesome! And yes, a pattern would be nice. :3

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  4. Neila says:

    Cute tail!

  5. nzescapades says:

    I’ve posted a pattern, I’ve just counted the stitches that I did so it might not be perfect. Good luck.

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